The First Review!

Read it here!  iPad-Apps-Review-Online gives a big thumbs up to our David and Goliath kids book app!

“The animation is picture perfect and it made me want to read the story again and again…kids will surely enjoy this app. I recommend David and Goliath to mothers who want their kids to enjoy an interactive reading experience.”

We couldn’t agree more!  We hope mothers — and fathers — share the experience of the app with their kids.  As the review begins:  “…but now a modern day David – David Eckstein, has narrated the epic story, with wonderful 3D animation, music and some interesting activities which kids will enjoy.”

Thank You Steve Jobs

With Our Gratitude!

Steve Jobs was often quoted as saying that one of the best things to ever happen to him was being fired from his job.

For anyone who has ever been fired or laid-off, the future can suddenly appear bleak and their existence seemingly small.

We want to thank Steve Jobs for his example of hanging-in there, persevering, putting up the good fight and succeeding. There is a great metaphor of that scenario right here with the David and Goliath story. Thus, we also want to thank Steve Jobs for providing us the vibrant platform to retell this story in an interactive, meaningful and inspirational way.

Jumping Pages Launches With a World Series Hero!

Our Thanks to the Amazing David Eckstein!

Welcome to Jumping Pages!  We are proud to announce that our first titles — David & Goliath and David & Goliath: The MVP Edition are now available on the App Store for iPad. David & Goliath: The MVP Edition is narrated by 2006 World Series Most Valuable Player David Eckstein, a modern day David who overcame the odds to achieve glory!

The David & Goliath Apps are filled with animation, interactive components and an original musical score that will bring to life David and Goliath’s epic battle. Young readers are able to immerse themselves in the story through dozens of activities, including catapulting burning weapons, defeating a lion and a bear, taking aim at Goliath and joyfully tossing David in the air after his victory.

The MVP Edition celebrates the five year anniversary of David Eckstein’s inspirational performance in the 2006 World Series and concludes with a short, narrated afterword by the actress, Star Wars Clone Wars star and David’s wife, Ashley Eckstein, about the similarities between the story’s David and his belief in overcoming the odds and her husband’s unlikely journey to baseball stardom.

We want to extend our appreciation to the Ecksteins for their help on the project.  Their graciousness is reflected in their willingness to donate 10% of sales from the MVP Edition to several non-profit organizations they support, including Bags of Hope of Central Florida’s Feed and Read program for children.

We hope that kids, and their Moms and Dads, will find these apps to be an enjoyable and meaningful experience!

Latest App for Kids are PBS Vids!

To many adults, TV time growing up revolved around PBS shows.  The network was instrumental, not only originating some iconic programming, but also providing moms with some downtime as kids of yesteryear sat riveted to the tube being enlightened by Big Bird!

Today, PBS announced that their PBS Kids programming is now available as an iPad App (!  Kids today now have a choice of either watching and learning from their favorite PBS characters on TV or an iPad!  Who would have thought?

The news made us hark back to the days of being “baby sat” by our televisions as Maria, David, Bob, Susan and Gordon, and the rest of “Sesame Street” gang sang us songs that taught sweet lessons.  Now, we suppose, it’s the iPad’s turn to baby sit!

Good Heavens!

For 11 year old Colton Burpo from Imperial, Nebraska, heaven is real and so are the amazing sales of his book “Heaven is for Real!”  Colton’s tale of his visit to heaven while lying near death on an operating table are astounding.  The book is a New York Times best seller, and Colton has been featured in media outlets all over the world.  This Daily Mail (–wings-Colton-Burpo-went-heaven-speaks-relatives-book-Heaven-For-Real.html) story from the United Kingdom recaps Colton’s journey.  We are certain that Colton’s recent heavenly visit was featured on the front page of The Heaven Gazette!

Sure, there are doubters about everything in life, including those who question the existence of heaven.  Yet, Colton’s story is remarkable, both in its vivid portrayal of heaven, and in the intricate details he presents about those who “passed” before him!  After reading the book, we simply scratched our heads, grinned widely, and exclaimed “good heavens!”  Thank you Colton for providing even the cynics among with a little heaven!

Magical, Miracle or Both?

The iPad, to many, including Steve Jobs is magical! An article today on asks an intriguing question: “Is the iPad a ‘Miracle Device’ for Autism?”

According to a parent quoted in the article, the iPad has allowed her child to unlock a new part, and provided the parents with insight about how the child connects with the world. The article quotes autism expert Dr. Martha Herbert as saying that autistic kids have “no control over the pace of information coming at them.” With the iPad, she said, the child has more control.
Other parents cite the iPads “cool” factor which allows an autistic child to use a device that has good cache. Other iPad benefits include at least “three dozen apps designed for autistic kids. And the device itself supports spoken text and other aids for those with special needs.”

The use of the iPad as a tool to help autistic children is still in its infancy. But the early signals raise some hopeful signs for parents and children alike. Let’s hear it for helpful, fun and meaningful app-eractives!

The Reviews Are in About Children’s Book Apps!!

Kudos to publishing reviewers for aptly appropriating appraisals for children’s book apps!  As this recent article in the Huffington Post ( points out by Monica Edinger, teacher and blogger at Educating Alice, established review publications are coming on board to help explain the emerging tomes to parents and loved ones searching for the best book apps for their children.

Leave it to the old world literati to put a wrap on the new app!